Post One

Here we go then... this is the first ever photo I took on my brand new shiny camera. This is my first ever blog and my first post.

It's not the best photo ever, technically, but it is of my favourite subjects and my two favourite people. Meet my husband Jon and my gorgeous little boy Rufus. I am certain they will feature heavily in my rambles.

I have no idea at the moment what delights I will send out into the world wide web, but getting my camera has inspired me to blog. There's only so much wall space in our house to display my pics so I'll subject them on you instead! Hopefully some of my snaps will be wall worthy though!

If your reading this it's most likely you know me already, but I thank you still for taking the time to read this nonetheless! Perhaps you'll learn something new about me or perhaps you just like the nose into my mind... do so at your peril!! If you don't know me, I hope you enjoy my bloggings all the same.

Until next time. xXx

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