Family Holibobs

We went on another lovely family holiday with my mum and dad, brother, sister-in-law and niece and nephew. This year we went to Cyprus and stayed in a lovely villa in Coral Bay. The weather was fab and we made good use of our pool. There was a trip to the zoo, sea, Paphos and even a visit to Starbucks, where I purchased a mug as is tradition! Rufus had his first dip in the sea and went in the pool a couple of times too. We have some wonderful memories to treasure from the trip. It was also my first experience of flying with a baby, I have to say I was really nervous and wasn't sure what to expect. I had fears Ru was going to be 'that baby' on the plane everyone hates! But he was an absolute star. He fed on take off and landing, all three times, yes three! We were delayed leaving Birmingham by three hours and then we hit a storm on arrival to Paphos and were diverted to Larnaca where we sat and waited on the plane until the storm had passed. The nice easy 4 hour plane journey turned into 7 hours (we could have gone to New York!) He also slept for most of both flights. Much to the delight of the chap sitting next to us on the way home. You could just see his face fall when the three of us sat down next to him! My niece and nephew were also so well behaved on the flight too, it was just us adults that were loosing it a bit!! Still all that aside, it was well worth it to have the time away together in the sunshine. Now we're home and it's cold, but I do love my bed and a bit of cosy!!

Here a few piccys from the trip.

Until next time.


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