About me

I am not a photographer! But I am having fun with the new camera my wonderful husband brought me for my 30th birthday and it's inspired me to start blogging.

I have a gorgeous little boy called Rufus, who will no doubt feature heavily on my blog. He was born on 15th June 2014 and was 7 weeks early! He is awesome!!

I work as a Human Resources Advisor, but right now I am enjoying my maternity leave.

I am a drama graduate from Loughborough University.

I was born and raised in Surrey and after graduating remained in the Midlands.

I met my handsome husband in 2008, when he claims he knew one day he'd marry me. We didn't however get together until Christmas 2009. We've been married for just over 2 years.

I am a Christian.

My husband calls me Erica Beans!

That'll do for now, I hope you enjoy reading my ramblings and seeing the photos I have taken of my life.

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